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To install a ROM you must first download an archive of the flashable image.

  1. For Aurora II users, go here.
  2. For Fire users, go here.

Once you have a file in the Lokum format, you are ready to proceed.

Optionally (and recommended) download the app pack here.


Using your prefered ZIP utility, unzip the file.

Examine the contents

The unzipped archive should contain a signed zip and a few other files depending on the level of change from stock.

DO NOT unzip the signed zip file. It will be useless if you do so.

You may also find a change log, and possibly u-boot.bin (the bootloader) and uImage_recovery (the recovery image) and a link to the paypal donation site,.

Copy to an SD Card

You may call it a TF, Flash Drive or an SD Card. Whatever.

Copy the unzipped contents of the archive to your SD Card.

Put the SD card in your tablet.

NOTE: Make sure that your SDCard is formatted in FAT32 format with cluster size 32kb.

Boot Into Recovery

If you have Quick Boot installed, click on that and select 'Recovery'.

If not, turn off your tablet. Once it is off, press and hold the volume down key. Then, press and hold the power key. Once you see the little green android, release the power key and then the volume down key.

Apply the ROM

If you are changing ROMs or moving from a Major version to another Major version, please wipe data and cache.

Select 'Apply update from sdcard'

Browse to the signed zip using the down volume key. (The file should have the word 'signed' in the name, like

Click on the power button.

Watch recovery apply the firmware.

If this a major version update (like V15) do a factory reset (wipe data and cache) and wipe media. If you do not do this, you will be unable to mount your internal SDCARD.

Select 'Apply update from sdcard'

Browse to the app pack signed zip using the down volume key. (The file should named

Click on the power button.

Watch recovery apply the app pack.

Once it is done, click on Reboot.

First Time Install

If this is your first install, you will have a guided setup. Please note, that it can take up to 15 minutes for all the system applications to install. If you do not wait longer enough, and come to a place where you need to enter text and there is no keyboard -- power down the tablet, and then power it back up. Then wait a few minutes before proceeding with the guided setup.

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